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Aisling's Food Philosophies

With a media career spanning almost a decade, I cherish the fact that I have become a mainstay in homes and on commutes and walks each week and I am so grateful that I get to reach over 300,000 people weekly through my TV, radio, social media and podcasts appearances. 

I have spent the last decade travelling the world and learning about best practices in global food models, training in the psychology and physiology of feeding, and being only a handful of people in Europe trained in the MB-EAT Mindful Eating Programme. As well as completing my M.Sc in Culinary Innovation and FDP I love my the additions of my most recent training in Workplace Wellness at TU and Organisational Leadership with Oxford’s Saïd Business School. 

Spending the last 15 years teaching, creating, learning, consulting and delivering on all things food and wellness has been a pure joy. 

I have the privilege of having a knowledgeable, broad and expert background with expertise as a tv cook, food media broadcaster, educator, feeding therapist, mindful eating coach, keynote speaker, and food & wellness consultant (Workplace Wellness at TU and Organisational Leadership with Oxford’s Saïd Business School).

I loved having my cookery school, and teaching thousands to cook, creating educational programmes, campaigns and content for international brands and I have just delivered an industry-first, highly innovative and holistic food and wellness project for a leading food service company in Ireland.

When I cook for you, it is my way of connecting with you. Cooking allows us all to bond with each other, get creative and nourish ourselves and those around us.My modern lifestyle food is all about seasonal and local ingredients, simple culinary techniques and great flavour. The flexitarian and planetarian model is at the core of my work with the aim of moving people “one step closer to healthy”.

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