Aisling's Philosophies on Life & Food

In its simplest form, my food philosophy stems from my heritage and upbringing, but it has a modern and accessible approach. My modern lifestyle food is all about seasonal and local ingredients, simple culinary techniques and great flavour. The flexitarian and planetarian model is at the core of my work with the aim of moving people “one step closer to healthy”.

All of my food is flavour-led first, using principles of umami, flavour profiling, seasonality, mindfulness, psychology and physiology to create dishes that surprise and delight.

For me, food is joy, food is creativity, food is nature, food is human connection, food is exploration, food is sustenance, food is comfort, and food is memories. Food is love!

When I cook for you, it is my way of connecting with you, expressing a feeling or an emotion, sharing a moment of joy and deliciousness with you and then allowing you to create pleasure and satiety in your day.

Cooking allows us all to bond with each other, get creative and nourish ourselves and those around us.

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Life is a precious gift given to us. We need to be present and live our lives to their fullest. Everywhere I go, I try to create environments and cultures that are inspirational, encouraging and accessible. My purpose is educating and empowering people to develop their lives to be full of satiety and contentment. I firmly believe in impacting change. Everything I do is built on a foundation of integrity, expert knowledge, encouragement, positivity, fun, a growth mindset, gratitude and trust to ensure maximum tangible effectiveness.

I am looking forward to having you with me on this journey. 

With fun and deliciousness

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