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Slow cooker Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker Luxe Hot Chocolate

I love a proper, rice, decadent, creamy hot chocolate. It is one of life’s greatest little pleasures.  This is made in the slow cooker, but

Shortbread Stars rte radio one drive time Aisling Larkin modern lifestyle food

Shortbread Stars

Buttery, rich, simple and Irish… a perfect seasonal treat to bake with your little ones. They are guaranteed perfect every time.

Milanese Chicken Aisling Larkin Six O CLock Show modern lifestyle food

Milanese Chicken

A modern mid-week family meal with all the classic Italian elements

tiramisu Aisling Larkin


Rich, creamy, decadent and oh so delcious

Lamb & Date Tagine Aisling Larkin Newstalk
Family Meals

Lamb & Date Tagine

This is a Middle Eastern-inspired dish with lots of Irish ingredients. The dates bring a mellow sweetness that counterbalances the gentle warmth and background heat.

Puttanesca with Tuna & Spinach aisling larkin newstalk modern lifestyle food
Family Meals

Pasta Puttanesca with Tuna & Spinach

A Little Spicy, A Little Savoury, A Little Messy An anchovy- and olive-laden pasta puttanesca lacks for nothing. It’s garlicky and deeply savoury, and you can