Simple Baking

Aisling Larkin oat flapjacks


made in minutes and the perfect lunchboxes filler you will make these again and again

Aisling Larkin breakfast muffin
Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast Muffins

Wholesome, nourishing and most importantly super handy as a snack or an on-the-go breakfast.

Red Velvet Cake Aisling Larkin Six O Clock
6 OClock Show

Romantic Red Velvet Cake

Although admittedly not the most romantic soul on the planet, Aisling believes in the power of a homemade gift filled with love and deliciousness for Valentine’s Day.

Oatie Chocolate Chip Bars Aisling Larkin Six O Clock Show
6 OClock Show

Chocolate Chip Oat Bars

Craving something sweet but want to choose a snack that is made from whole foods… then these are the perfect snack for you—real natural ingredients with a great balance of nutrition and deliciousness.

Aisling Larkin's Porter Cake

Porter Cake

A simple alternative to a christmas cake A porter cake is quite the Irish festive baking tradition. A large bottle of stout is combined with