Aisling Larkin's Festive Berry Meringue

Festive Berry Pavlova

Pavlova has a light crisp shell and a soft, chewy, marshmallow centre. Topped with festive berries and figs this is a simple but show stopping dessert.

Aisling Larkin's Flat White Martini

Flat White Martini

Smooth, creamy and elegant. A delicious take on the classic espresso martini trend.

Aisling Larkin's Pomegranate Hush Cocktail

Pomegranate Hush

A Festive Aperitif This cocktail has a wonderful balance of tart and sweet – a finely balanced drink perfect for a festive aperitif. Experiment a

Aisling Larkin's Festive Kisses

Festive Kisses

These mini meringues are a super buffet style dessert for the festive season.

Aisling Larkin's Porter Cake

Porter Cake

A simple alternative to a christmas cake A porter cake is quite the Irish festive baking tradition. A large bottle of stout is combined with

Aising Larkin's Christmas Yule log

Yule Log

A festive yule log is a modern family Christmas classic that the whole family will love. Rich, smooth, creamy and chocolatey this is the perfect festive dessert.

Super Filo Pie

Spelt & Olive Oil Super Green Pie

A delicious seasonal & sustainable savoury tart. This rustic and simple galette is made using a spelt and olive pastry and is filled with a creamy ricotta and super greens filling. Serves with the delicious roast beetroot salad this is the perfect spring supper.