Aisling Larkin's Festive Glazed Ham

The Stuffing Debate Continues !

As the annual festive dinner draws closer, we dive deep into the showstoppers that are the turkey and ham. Have a listen as Kieran and I chat through the best turkey breeds, how to glaze a ham and why we both agree there is just no need for sausage meat stuffing.
In this episode of You Are What You Eat on Newstalk’s The Hard Shoulder, we take a look at which breed of turkey may be the most succulent; we ask is stepping the ham is a thing of the past and find out how King Henry the 8th might just have been the biggest foodie influencer we have ever know.

Christmas Dinner - You Are What You Eat

On this week's Newstalk The Hard Shoulder series Aisling Larkin & Kieran Cuddihy dive deep into the foundations of Christmas dinner.
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