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Cookery Classes and Culinary Therapy Classes with Aisling – in person and online.
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Join us for one of Aisling's regular online masterclasses. Next up is our essential Christmas Masterclass on 18th December!
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Cookery Classes

Aisling hosts group cookery classes in person in Dublin and Waterford. Reserve your place today.

Events & Demonstrations

A live cooking demonstration is just the ticket for your next event, fundraiser or festival!

Nourishment for the Body, Mind & Soul

What we eat and how we eat are foundational to our world. It impacts everything. Cooking for yourself is the epitome of self-care, while cooking for others is an act of altruism, kindness and love. Culinary sessions are designed around gastronomy, social connection, empathy, support, creativity and taking time to get lost in the mind-body procedure while working with all the senses.

It is a mindful activity that engages all the senses. It creates space to process and time to think and feel. It allows an opportunity to gain insights into one’s behaviour, be aware, and develop communication skills and tools for time and stress management.

For Aisling, when she cooks for you, it is her way of connecting with you, expressing a feeling or an emotion, sharing a moment of joy and deliciousness with you and then allowing you to create pleasure and satiety in your day.

On a psychological and physiological level, the deliciousness of food creates instant triggers in the brain to release the pleasure chemical dopamine as well as the hormone ghrelin to stimulate appetite, and this, combined with a reduction in cortisol levels, can also reduce stress, giving way to those positive physical and socio-emotional benefits. So not only is the process of cooking mindful but there is also time to explore eating behaviours and relationships with food and learn how to listen to our intuition and trust our instincts.

Cooking allows us to bond with others, get creative and nourish ourselves and those around us.

Home cooking has powerful nutritional and mental benefits; remember, it does not have to be complicated. Aisling’s modern lifestyle food is all about seasonal and local ingredients, simple culinary techniques and great flavour.

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