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Every Wednesday, I will be joining Damien Tiernan in WLRfm studios to chat all things food. In our inaugural session we got to know we other a little better over a steamy cup of tea and some delicious food. We went with a classic, something close to my heart and one that is good for your heart. 

My Treacle Brown Bread with Chia Jam topped with Roast Pistachio Nut Butter. 

I adore our Irish producers who are amazingly talented and tirelessly committed to the quality and heritage of their products. My heart fills with joy when I listen to their stories and taste their products. 

My philosophy in life and in food is discernment…. quality over quality.

I would rather savour a little of something brilliant and delicious and awesome than bother with something mediocore and basic.

Over the coming weeks I look forward to meeting producers, exploring their history and their why, tasting their food and sharing their stunning produce with you.  

Our Delicious Recipes

Today Damien and I had the joy of tasting some of my fabulous recipes. 
To create these at home yourself head on over to the recipe section or the treacle brown bread and the chia jam right here. 

Treacle Brown Bread Aisling Larkin wlrfm
chia jam brown bread wlrfm

Awesome Irish Food Products You Need

High Bank Orchards

HighBank Orchards are located in Cuffsgrange Co. Kilkenny. This is their organic treacle made from 100% apples. With a disntictive rounded and smooth flavour, it is a delicious subtle treacle to add to recipes. With only 44.7g of sugar per 100g and from natural fruits compared with about 63g in 100g of the Lyles Teacle this is a super “better for you” swap in my brown bread recipe. 

Locally in Waterford, Cass & Co and Ardkeen Stores stock it or it can be bought directly from online here .

Nobó Nut Butter

Nobó create simpler, kinder plant-based alternatives that are better for you and better for the planet. Just using a few simple ingredients, sourced from the best suppliers, made in small batches, and as sustainably as possible.

In short, their nut butters are insane. If you taste them you will struggle to ever go back and eat another one again. 

Their philosophies and mission are so apparent in the quality of their product. It is pure joy and contentment and luxury on a spoon.  

Shop here, you won’t regret it. 


Scoop is a biannual magazine sharing the inside story on Irish food. Issue 02: Eat Your Feelings is out now on 05 May. Led by editor Dee Laffan and published by Nine Bean Row Scoop is an indie, edgy and women-led, bold, creative, collectible journal.

The focus on long-form writing means they can do a deep dive into a topic to explore all aspects of Irish food and drink, from art to agriculture, food policy to the plate.I am so proud to have an article in this publication all about mindset and our relationship with food. Mindful eating and the relationship between out thoughts, feelings and actions. 

To scoop your copy today head to the website here. You will not regret it, I promise. I firmly believe the guys are visionaries in their field right now.

Listen Back

I hope you enjoyed our chat as much as we did and I look forward to joining you all again next week.  Click the link here to listen back to the full segment. 

Until then…

With fun and deliciousness,

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