Food & Wellness One Day Retreat ​

12 hours of immersive, luxurious, joyful and restorative wellness
at Woodhouse in Waterford.

Food and Wellness Retreat at Woodhouse Estate, Waterford

Simplicity, nature and a little luxury, this exclusive and intimate experience will allow you to relax and unwind and embrace a new approach to a modern lifestyle that works for you. Switch off and tune in, you are now being given the permission to rest and have fun. 

As one of Ireland’s most well-known and liked tv cooks and broadcasters each week, Aisling is a mainstay in homes and on commutes and walks each week with her TV, radio, social media and podcasts appearances.

Aisling has spent the last 15 years teaching, creating, learning, consulting and delivering on all things food and wellness and now she is thrilled to launch the first of her food and wellness experiences at the luxurious country location of Woodhouse Estate. Nestled in along the Copper Coast and the Waterford Greenway this is a stunning location to retreat to. 

With mindfulness and wellness at the fore Aisling has planned the most wonderful day of self care, mindfulness, reflection, adventure, movement and fabulous food for you. 


The whole day is a vibe. It is centred around a welcoming atmosphere making it the perfect place to develop new skills, meet like-minded people and experience stillness, nature, deliciousness and fun, all helping you to relax, reflect, reset and restore.

This immersive restorative day of self-care is limited to a small group, so everyone receives the space and time they require to get the most from the day. Take timeout to reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.
Come on your own or with a friend; either way, it will be a great way to meet like-minded people and make new social connections.

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Aisling Larkin wellness retreat

Wellness Schedule

  • wellness day sea swim clonea Aisling Larkin
    8am - Beach Walks, Sea Dip & Sauna
    Arrive at Clonea Beach for an 8 am early morning sea dip and hot pod sauna session. Aisling will have hot teas and coffees and fresh pastries all ready for you. If you want to skip the sea dip you can just do the sauna and coffee or head off for a big walk on the beach and Greenway with stunning views, blow off the cobwebs and reset in a way that is all good for you. (This is all about what works for you).
  • hot pod sauna wellness retreat day Aisling Larkin
    9am Sauna
    The benefits of a sauna for wellness are super. After a quick dip, hop into the gorgeous heat of the sauna, sit back and relax and get ready to do it all over again. Then straight back into the sea for another dip and a final rest in the sauna to get dry and warm before your coffee and pastries.
  • Aisling Larkin wellness retreat day yoga in the garden Woodhouse
    10.30am - Yoga & Meditation in the Walled Garden of Woodhouse
    From here, make your way to the stunning walled garden of the private Woodhouse Estate where we will then begin our day here with a one-hour energiser yoga session.
  • Spring Asparagus Galette
    11.30- Nourishing Food Hands On Cookery Class & Lunch
    After a quick break and some refreshments ( Kombucha and natural treats like energy bites, flapjacks and energy bars ), learn how to make some deliciously nourishing brunch lunch dishes in this hands-on culinary-led demo by your host and tv cook, Aisling Larkin. Then we sit together, eat, chat, connect and enjoy.
  • Aisling Larkin wellness day journaling
    2.30pm Mindfulness Workshop
    Grab your brand new wellness journal, come on upstairs, and participate in a mindfulness workshop. This session will provide you with insights, awareness and tools to help you change your mindset in order to change your behaviours.
  • wellness event Aisling Larkin Woodhouse
    3.30pm Self-Care Time: Space, Peace & Quiet
    This wellness retreat is all about nourishing your soul. Creating space to hear, to think, to feel. To process or to escape. It is entirely up to you, but you have permission to rest. Take a walk around the stunning estate, sit in the beautiful garden and listen to the birds, feel the sun on your face, take a shoreline stroll on the beach, nap, journal, listen to music, read a book. Connect with other gorgeous souls who will be present on the day. You choose how to use your space but this hour is for you.
  • wellness event Aisling Larkin Woodhouse
    4.30pm Cocktail, Cook & Eat
    As the evening draws in, wander into the kitchen, come with a cocktail or a glass of wine in hand and learn how to cook some delicious food locally sourced. There will be lots of plant-based dishes ( to note this is not vegan food), roast salmon and local free-range organic chicken, local leaves & vegetables and indulgent and delicious dessert. We will all cook and share and eat together.
  • candlelit meditation Aisling Larkin wellness event
    7pm - Restorative Gratitude
    After dinner, we retreat upstairs to our cosy room for a candle-lit restorative yoga and meditation session.
  • wellness event Aisling Larkin Woodhouse
    9pm - Close
    Bid farewell, feeling restored and energised, until the next time.