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Today, we’re diving into an aspect of self-care that has created a big response from you.

This may seem a little intimidating at first but can positively impact your overall well-being: dining out alone. In a world that often emphasises social dining experiences, taking the time to savour some time alone and a meal solo can be a powerful act of self-care.

When I put it out on Instagram to uncover your thoughts on solo dining, we are split into two camps, those who are cool with it, doesn’t knock a feather out of them and they even enjoy it. For others, the thought of entering a restaurant alone and enduring a meal with no one else at the table is truly terrifying and downright unthinkable.

For those who hate the thoughts of it, it comes down to one recurring answer…. Confidence. You guys acknowledged you did not have the perceived confidence you think you need to do it and the fear of people looking at you is too great. Responses cited ‘being too shy”, “too hard for a woman on her own”, “uncomfortable”, “self conscious”, “it would create feelings of sadness and loneliness”, “uneasy”, “guilty”, “can’t do it locally in your home town but happily do it in a big city, for business or on holidays”.

For those of you who happily take yourself for a meal out, you love “the time out,” “the time alone”, “the treat”, “the peace”, and in other instances, you had to “relearn or learn to do it after the loss of a loved one or divorce”, “love the people watching” aspect of it all, or you rely on your book or phone for company.

My take on this goes back to something the very articulate and witty @doireanngarrihy said which quite simply is “no one gives a fuck about you” . Go and do what makes you happy, be brave and give it a go. Now let’s take a minute to see how embracing the joy of your own company can positively impact your wellbeing. 

Now let’s take a minute to see how embracing the joy of your own company can have a positive impact your wellbeing. 

Body & Mind 

Mindful Eating:

Eating out alone provides a golden opportunity to practice mindful eating. Without the distractions of conversation, you can truly focus on the act of eating. You can tune in to your hunger and fullness cues, really appreciate the colour, texture and flavours of each bite, connect with your relationship to the food and experience nourishment, gratitude, satiety and joy. 


Dining solo encourages a sense of independence and self-reliance. I know its sounds a bit silly maybe, but I feel brave sitting alone, confident even. It’s an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, make decisions for yourself, and enjoy your own company. Embracing independence positively contributes to your mental and emotional well-being, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Reducing Social Pressure:

When you’re alone, you’re free from external influences or expectations. You can choose what to eat based on your cravings and nutritional needs without the influence of others. You choose for yourself. So often, each day is filled with compromise, because that is the real adult world I suppose. This is unadulterated suiting yourself. It is freeing, empowering, indulgent, fun and delicious. 

Reflection and Connection:

Use this time alone to reflect on your day, your week, and your year so far. How have you been feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally? What has brought you joy? Connecting with yourself in a restaurant setting provides a unique atmosphere for introspection and self-discovery.

Building a Positive Relationship with Solitude:

Many people fear being alone in public spaces, associating it with loneliness. However, embracing solitude is an essential aspect of wellness. Dining alone allows you to enjoy your own company without the need for external validation, fostering a positive relationship with solitude.

Embrace the opportunity to nourish your body and soul, practice mindfulness, and strengthen your relationship with yourself. Remember, self-care comes in many forms, and dining out alone is a powerful step toward holistic well-being.

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