10 Holistic wellness Habits to Stay Grounded Aisling Larkin

10 Holistic Wellness Habits to Stay Grounded

These are the things I do for my wellness… the fun, the real, the mundane… by sharing my 21 days of wellness with you, my hope for you is to see and experience that wellness is not facials and green tea! It is real stuff, simple & ordinary stuff that makes small and consistent positive impacts on my wellbeing. 

Finding time for extended wellness activities during the Christmas season can be challenging, especially with all the engagements and activities our little ones have, let alone ourselves. However, embracing simple, daily practices can still nurture your well-being—mind, body, and soul.

1. Establish boundaries – politely & kindly say no when you are already overstretched! Yes, people will want you here, there & everywhere but be okay with saying no. You have to look after yourself and those closest to you first.

2. Be grateful for all that you have. Everyday as your feet touch the floor be grateful for 2 things.

3. Get natural sunlight every day.

4. Get fresh air every day.

5. Move your body – walk or stretch. When we move we move energy around our body, it changes our physical and mental state. You WILL feel better after it.

6. Make lists, check them & tick things off. It will reduce panic & stress, keep things flowing & prevent meltdowns later

7. Stimulate your lymphatic system – body brushing before you shower and jump on the trampoline.

8. Be kind & patient. You will feel better in the long run, with no pent-up anger, no guilt, no shame.

9. Get a hug, give a hug- science says you need 8 a day to keep you balanced. It’s the oxytocin.


10. Don’t forget to eat a few vegetables – there are a lot of pastries & nibbly bits floating around – eat a banana & an auld carrot every now and again.


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