Preparation is like a warm blanket on a cold day. Aisling Larkin 21 days of wellness

Preparation... like a warm blanket on a cold day

As part of the 21 Day Festive Wellness Experience, I spotted something the fabulous dj Ruth Scott had posted the other day. It resonated with me so much!

Mental and emotional stress levels have a direct impact on physical well being. We need to reduce stress and anxiety at every touch point in our day. Here is what Dj Ruth Scott said : “Preparedness is like a warm blanket on a cold day. It won’t stop the wind from howling but it will keep you cosy!  Advanced preparation for event hosting – whether having a well researched list of questions to kick-start a Q&A in case of a shy audience or, hydrating so that my voice can & will be heard over a two-day event of speaking – helps avert disaster. Yes, sometimes the unexpected happens when a speaker arrives late, a fire alarm goes off or a Q&A goes to a place that nobody could have imagined, but the best #eventprofs know how to get out of a tricky situation. 

Is that not just the most sensical thing you have ever heard? I love this. Every week I must turn up physically & mentally prepared. It is a non-negotiable. My world stops turning if I don’t.

Same as yours…….

Being prepared and being well rested can not only change your game but raise your game no matter what else is going on!

Be well, until tomorrow… 

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