Getting dressed up is a bit like meditating. You might not do it every day, but when you do, you have a spring in your step and feel like you’re walking on air. Plus, you feel centred, focused and, most importantly of all – ready to tackle the day.

No matter if you’re a busy mom running orbits around your little ones from ballet to flute class or if you’re a dedicated hustler with a packed inbox and calendar to match, getting dressed undoubtedly alters the way we feel and show up in our lives.

These are the four pieces I wore this week on the Six O’Clock Show and ones I’ll definitely be adding to my permanent spring rotation.

This black floral mini dress

A fabulous transition piece, I love how this dress is feminine and hints at spring. Wear it with a cute denim jacket and boots now and later in the season with a pair of cute wedges and a basket bag.

A go-to denim jacket

We all need a jacket that we can pick up and throw on with everything. One that is sure to just pull a look together and go with pretty much every outfit. Enter your new style hero. This denim jacket is your answer to chic 30-second dressing.

These swoon-worthy boots

We all probably suffer from the famous conundrum of wanting to wear gorgeous heels, but without sacrificing comfort. As someone who is on their feet most of the day, it’s my mission to try to find stunning heels that are supportive. I love these River Island shoes! Half boot, half heel, they are great for various occasions and outfits, from dresses with tights to easy denim and jumpers.

Sleek gold hoops

I love jewellery. These large gold hoops are minimal and lightweight, making them a great choice for days when you want to wear some jewellery, but don’t want to think too much about matching it with your outfit.