When Nothing But Simplicity Will Do

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This green goddess recipe is one of my most favourite recipes ever. I love it for so may reasons. It is creamy and bright and zingy and fresh and you cannot buy anything like it in the supermarket. And, it is nuanced, it tastes a little different every time you make it depending on the season and what combination and quantity of each herb you add in. It never matters by the way, it always tastes amazing. On Tuesday night, when I arrived home late from the Six O’Clock Show I was so hungry. My gorgeous guests in studio devoured every bite of what I had prepared and all I travelled home with was the last jar of Green Goddess dressing and some leftover pasta. 

So, well, that became somewhat of a late night feast for me. It was so good, almost unexpectedly good I just has to share it here. 

Make the dressing, eat it with salads, dip raw vegetables in it, drizzle it over tomato tarts and add it to ba bowl of pasta and you will have no regrets I promise. 

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