A Firm Belief In The Value Of A Family Meal

I overheard a conversation the other day between 2 parents, basically both agreeing that they “rarely eat a family meal together”; “in this day and age, who does”? “Why would you bother”, and “Isn’t it a relief you don’t have to endure that anymore…. “
Now, this got me thinking, and it made me sad! As primarily a mother of 3 small children and secondary to that a children’s feeding therapist, a mindful eating coach and a tv chef who centres around modern family food …. I repeat, that made me feel really sad!
This episode will bring an awareness to our eating patterns, the value of eating and cooking together as a family and maybe we can all learn from each other what and how to do it best…. One of my favourite phrases when it comes to anything to do with raising children is … It takes a village …, and I firmly believe there is very seldom a clear-cut black and white, right and wrong; we can all learn from each other.

So lets think about it for a second  = there are 3 eating occasions per day… 365 days in a year  that is over 1000 eating occasions we have to navigate in a year….. if I have the chance to bring some “peace” and maybe even value to those occasions as a parent ….  I think I’ll take any solid advice I can get along the way. 

How To Actually Enjoy A Family Meal - You Are What You Eat