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This week, I joined Damien in the studio to talk all things Ice-cream. 

Ice-cream is definitely in my top 10 favourite foods! It is the ultimate sweet treat, has been bringing smiles to faces for generations. From its velvety textures to its endless array of flavours, ice cream has the power to transport you back to carefree childhood days or create memories with loved ones. Whether you prefer classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate or crave innovative combinations that push the boundaries of taste, this frozen dessert is sure to bring a smile to your face and a delicious chill to your palette. 

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We first sampled my delicious homemade Balsamic Roasted Strawberry Ice-cream. This is the perfect combination of fresh seasonal Irish strawberries with the tangy richness and zesty balsamic vinegar using High Bank Orchard apple syrup, the balance of vanilla paired with the balsamic roasted strawberries  is subtle and sensational.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can use the base Vanilla recipe and tweak it with any flavours that you like, and  it will give a creamy silky buttery mouthfeel and it also freezes and scoops very well, and it is so simple to make. 

The best bit about my little ice cream invention is that it works stunningly without any special machinery, meaning everyone can make this recipe at home. I recommend batch making this recipe and having a stock of delicious ice cream in the freezer (if it lasts that long).


Next up Damien had the pleasure of trying my Rocky Road Chocolate Ice-cream Cake.

It is a delectable blend of rich, creamy chocolate ice cream studded with crunchy popcorn and gooey marshmallows, creating a delightful taste adventure. This recipe is a  semifreddo style moussy soft ice-cream using my staple vanilla ice cream base, it is delicious, jammy ice cream with a soft chocolate crunch on the outside, you can even buy shop-bought swiss roll gateaux 

It is a great way to get the kids involved and a summery messy adventure by joyfully baking and assembling layers of ice cream and cake to create a scrumptious and imaginative ice cream cake masterpiece. Experiment and decorate with your favourite toppings – malteasers, oreos, crushed lotus biscuits … the possibilities are endless!


Aisling Larkin summer dessert ice-cream cake rocky road cake modern lifestyle food

As mentioned during the show, some gorgeous local ice-cream producers in Waterford include the very popular Freezin’ Friesian founded by the Kiersey brothers from Ballyhussa Farm. Starting with a simple, family ice cream recipe they now have a luxurious ice cream product range using the highest quality natural ingredients. 


Another great local  producer is Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice-cream

Their ice-cream is made fresh on the farm, using fresh milk and cream from the Baldwin Family farm’s own dairy herd.

Each small batch is handmade and combined with only the very best natural, ethically sourced ingredients, using Irish suppliers wherever possible with no additives, preservatives, artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers or colouring agents used. 

What a great morning in studio. If you are heading out for a walk, doing a little housework, pop on the podcast here and have a listen back. 

Until then, See you next week. 

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