Your Time is Precious!

Join tv cook & broadcaster Aisling Larkin for her modern family food prep class. In this 90-minute online class, Aisling will demonstrate some of her delicious and doable recipes based on the much celebrated flexitarin model to help you nourish your family. 

We know your time is precious and so is your family. This is why we seek to support you by creating a space, a community and time where you can learn new recipes and get ahead for the week. We make your families food our priority, so you can do everything else you need to.

During this 90 minute session, either sit back, grab a notebook, watch and interact as Aisling demonstrates how to make some “prepare ahead” modern family meals. Alterntively use the time to cook a long with the expert guidance of Aisling and get lots of meal prep complete before it is even Monday morning.

Modern Family Meals Menu

Join Aisling on Sunday 5th February at 4pm. 

P.S. Be sure to come with lots of questions and Aisling will try to sort out all your family food woes. 

Note: If you purchase a place and cannot attend a recording of the masterclass will be sent to you.
All recipes demonstrated will be emailed to ahead of the event if you want to cook and along and practice before the big day.

I cannot wait to have you join me.

With fun & deliciousness,

Aisling Signature