Cocktails have a magical way of elevating any occasion, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Oftentimes, for me, drinking a cocktail is less about the alcohol and more about experimenting with unique flavour combinations and summer produce provides all the inspiration. I love nothing more than to make delicious cocktail at the weekends, I take out my favourite cocktail glasses, sit in the back garden and savour each sip. If you would like to see how I make my Gin Smash you can watch back here

My top tip is to always a bottle of homemade sugar syrup on hand in the fridge, which is just equal quantities sugar to water slightly boiled until syrup like and can be stored in the fridge for weeks.  Read on to try some of my favourites each one offering a unique blend of flavours or let them inspire your own creations. 

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Sangría Blanca

A beautiful white sangria punch, perfect for summer sipping!
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sangria blanca Aisling Larkin modern lifestyle food

Aperol Spritz

The perfect apertivo moment
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Aperol Spritz Aisling Larkin

Elderflower Hugo Spritz

Refreshing, floral and summery - A perfect aperitivo on a summer's evening!! 
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Elderflower cocktail prosecco spritz summer drink

Dolce Vita Spritz

Bright, Zingy & Perfectly Refreshing
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Dolce Vita Spritz Aisling Larkin newstalk

Gin Cosmo

This refreshing cocktail is perfect for all party seasons. Quintessentially a modern classic cocktail made with simple quality ingredients.
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Gin Cosmo with Aisling Larkin and Dingle Distillery