Join me in this Masterclass of festive fun!

Join tv cook & broadcaster Aisling Larkin for her Christmas Dinner Masterclass. In this 90-minute online class, Aisling will demonstrate some of her delicious and doable recipes to help you take your Christmas Dinner to the next level. If this is your first year cooking Christmas Dinner then you need to be here. I really believe you will benefit from my time planning and preparation strategies along with my ultimate top tips.

If you have a few Turkey & Hams under your belt at this stage this class will be great for getting some new ideas and asking questions to finally end festive foodies woes that crop up year after year.

During this 90 minute session, sit back, grab a notebook and watch and interact as Aisling demonstrates how to make some “prepare ahead” starters, learn how to create tasty sides and get all the tips on how to make the easiest ham glaze ever. I’ll demonstrate my Baileys cheesecake recipe too!

Join me on Sunday 18th December at 4pm for this day of festive fun!


Christmas Cook-Along Menu

PS Be sure to come with lots of questions and Aisling will try to sort out all your Christmas woes.

Note: If you purchase a place and cannot attend a recording of the masterclass will be sent to you.

All recipes demonstrated will be emailed to ahead of the event if you want to cook and along and practice before the big day.

I cannot wait to have you join me.

With fun & festivities,

Aisling Signature