Partnerships & Collaborations

Aisling is one of our nation’s favourite tv cooks and culinary innovators.

The Aisling Larkin content creation studio always begins with crafting a story which is engaging, real and functional to allow your audience and her own to become part of the journey. 

These stories turn into collaborations, partnerships, primary school education campaigns, activations, events and content that truly reflect the key messages of some of the nations most trusted and accessible brands. 

The craft of storytelling through food can emerge as sponsored video content, bespoke recipe development and lifestyle activation and events.


Aisling is proud to work with some of Ireland’s and the UK’s best-known household brands to deliver organic, accessible, relatable content that always aligns with Aisling’s values and ethos. Aisling works with partners where she knows she can offer tangible value to those who share her values and philosophies on food and living and want to help benefit her communities.

ginger bread expresso martini Aisling Larkin dingle gin
aisling larkin tv chef newstalk
Aisling Larkin tv chef newstalk partnerships collaborations

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