E-book Modern Family Food

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Modern Family Food is a  e-book collection of Aisling Larkin’s favourite family recipes.

Everything from high-satiety granola and overnight oats, to treacle brown bread, lunchbox classics, quick lovable mid-week meals and even some ‘save your ass’ baking recipes.

This e-book includes family feeding therapy top tips, how to build a clever flavour pantry at home and most of Aisling’s much loved recipes including her chocolate brownies, fruit pots, flapjacks, high satiety granola, slow cooker beef stew, katsu curry, treacle brown bread, sausage rolls, hummus, buttermilk chicken goujons and so many more.

The chapters include :


Lunchbox Saviours

Mid Week Dinners

Simple Baking

Meal Planner Templates

Lunch box Supermarket Recommendations

Feeding Therapy Top Tips

and lots more.



An e-book perfect for your phone and iPad. All of your favourite Aisling Larkin recipes, finally in one place.


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