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Rosemary as a commodity has a global market value of 210m dollars and that is expected to grow to 260m dollars by 2024. Spain is the world’s largest producer. About 50% of that market is dried rosemary, 30% is essential oils and the remaining 20% is fresh.

Rosemary – known now as Salvia Rosmarinus is a small ever green or perennial plant. It grows on average to be about 1 m tall and can go to up to 2m in extraordinary circumstances. Its leaves are like pine needles, a dark green shiny colour on top and they have a white underside.
Its gets its name from the Greek word ros (dew) and marinus (of the sea). Rosemary is also known as Anthos which is the Greek world for flower.

It is known as a humble herb and to be honest it is my favourite, well one of my favourites. Fresh herbs and sea salt, a little oil and I can make anything taste delicious for you!!

Rosemary can be traced back about 7000 years to Egypt. It was so important for Egyptians that is one of the few objects placed in the Egyptian tomb stones to accompany the dead on their travels to the afterlife. This was even seen in Romeo and Juliet where rosemary was tossed into Juliet’s tombstone.

To hear so much more about this deliciously fragrant and fascinating herb, have a listen here.

Rosemary - You Are What You Eat

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