Work with Aisling

Aisling Larkin is a food and wellness strategist, tv chef & media broadcaster. 

Her mission is to provide modern, flexible, effective, and sustainable solutions for overall well-being that align with each client’s unique goals and mission. 

The vibe is holistic and accessible, with expert guidance and key pillars of well-being at the core of everything. 

Aisling offers a fresh perspective on food for wellness that is modern, flexible, effective, and sustainable, going beyond healthy eating to focus on overall well-being. With a bespoke belief system that aligns with your goals and mission,  collaborates with various clients to create modern food, environments, programmes, events, projects and strategies that embed better food and wellness practices. Her approach is guided by global trends and foundational principles like holistic wellness and sustainability, with key pillars of well-being at the core of everything to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Discovery Call aisling larkin

Discovery Call

15 minutes – Free

Keynote Speaker
Host, Panelist & Contributor

2 hours

Lunch and Learn Aisling Larkin Corporate

Lunch and Learn Mindful Eating Workshop

1 hour 

wellness event Aisling Larkin Woodhouse

Wellness & Food Retreats

30th September Woodhouse Estate & more 

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Brand Colloborations & Partnerships

Begin Your Journey

roundtable corporate strategy workplace wellness Aisling Larkin

Corporate Wellness Strategy Power Hour

1 hour onsite  / zoom 

Health Impact Assessment Workplace Wellness Corporate Strategy Aisling Larkin

Health Impact Assessment Corporate Workplace Wellness Strategy

2.5 days

Airfield Estate Corporate Team Building Mindful & Sustainable Cooking and Eating

Sutainable & Mindful Eating Corporate Team Building

1/2 day 

Corporate wellness with Aisling Larkin at Airfield

Workplace Wellness
Strategy at Airfield

8 hours

Corporate Full-Day HIA

16 hours

Corporate Team Building at Airfield: Mindful

1/2 day 4 hours

Workplace Wellness Strategy at Airfield: Full Day

8 hours