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Chocolate Brownies

The only brownie recipes you will never need! Deep, rich, fudgy and beyond simple to make.

Six O'Clock Show Beatty's Chocolate Cake
6 OClock Show

Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is sensational – like none other I’ve made. It’s a recipe shared by one of my greatest inspirations, Ina Garten.

Natural Treat Bars

Natural Treat Bars

Kickstart your week with this EPIC recipe that’s easy to make and even easier to eat.

Sweetie Buns Aisling Larkin

Sweetie Buns

Nostalgic Perfection My culinary career started when I was about 8 years old. Baking bun every Saturday morning was one of my chores. They were baked under the watchful eye of my mother initially and then I was let at it. Week after week, every Saturday they were made. Some sent to nanny and grandad, a few frozen incase there were visitors during the week and the rest were stored in an old battered USA biscuit tin that had seen better days.  There are so incredibly simple but ooh so cute with the addition of the icing, sprinkles and dolly mixture.  There are a couple of key secrets to having them super light and fluffy which is such a big part of the joy of them. Using a tub of soft spreadable stork margarine will just you a much lighter, fluffier result than anything else. Butter offer more flavour with a slightly more dense result. Thee block of margarine is fine but trust me nothing works like that tub of spreadable margarine. The quality and type of vanilla you use matters. It does. The vanilla bean paste and the vanilla extract are pricey but there is just no comparison to those versus the vanilla essence you buy. Try and use the good stuff if you can.  I have been teaching people how to cook for over 15 years and trust me when I tell you I have put in my 10,000 expert hours with these buns. YOU HAVE TO CREAM YOUR BUTTER AND SUGAR FOR WAY LONGER THAN YOU THINK.  It has to be creamy, velvety, no grains and pale in colour before it is ready. It takes patience but it is so important. If you don’t you get almost like a porous, granular effect on top.  The other biggest and most important tip I can give you is around the addition of the flour. You must not over work or over beat it. You will over work the gluten (a protein in the flour) and it you will end up with tough cupcakes.  Don’t over cook them. God forbid but I thinkI used bake mine for 25 minutes when I was starting out.  Learn from my mistakes and enjoy baking these little bundles of joy.  With fun and deliciousness,  Nostalgic Perfection