chicken chilli lime noodle salad

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Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad

Bright, Light, Fresh & Zingy This salad is one I have been teaching for years. It is light, bright, zingy and fresh but packed in so much flavour. You feel like you are getting a fancy take-out treat but it is such a delicious lunch you can prep in advance at home. As the days get a little brighter I always think we begin to crave more dishes like this. It is not overly spicy at all, just interesting and invigorating.  Don’t try to replace lemons for the limes, trust me it does not work. If you hate coriander don’t just not use any herb… use fresh herbs. They are the secret to enjoying food like this. It wont taste the same but use lots of fresh parsley, basil and chives and it will be delicious.  Also it is the small details with this recipe that take it from being average to totally satisfying.  Don’t not skimp on the garnish. The little hint of red from the fresh chilli at the end paired with the crunch of some peanuts or some sesame seeds is essential to get the full effect of this one. Also feel free to swap in and out whatever veg you like, just try to have one that is a little soft and then something for crunch too.  In terms of noodles, you have options. Glass or thread noodles are fab and very authentic, however for a little extra nutrition you could use my personal favourite; soba noodles. These are made form buckwheat, have a slower release of energy and are a little higher in fibre. If I am honest I would steer clear of basic medium egg noodles here. This salad is too lovely for them.  I also love to make this in a big glass jar if I am prepping a few in advance. It will hold for 2 or 3 days, just keep the salad dressing separate and drizzle over and toss just before you eat.  Why not make a big batch and share with a colleague or a friend and give them the gift of a lovely, wholesome, modern and delicious lunch.  Zingy, fresh, light and bright this is the perfect salad to kick start your wellness