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Aisling Larkin caramelised onion parpadelle pasta with gremolata
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Caramelised Onion and Goats Cheese Pappardelle with Kale Topped with a Herby Gremolata Crumb 

Dark, Stormy Nights Call For This Level of Comfort In the depths of this dark, bleak and dreary January, I wanted to create a recipe for this week’s Six O Clock Show that was full of deliciousness, warmth, comfort and flavour. As you know at this stage, my philosophy on food is all about simple culinary techniques but maximum flavour. Flavour can be imparted into a dish in several ways, but predominantly for this dish, it is through developing and bringing out the natural flavours of each individual ingredient and then pairing up these ingredients so that all the components of the recipe work in harmony together. The flavours just melt into each other and enhance each other and the entire dish. Based on all the social media love this recipe has gotten, it might be one of my MOST POPULAR dishes ever to date! I am so excited about that. Genuinely. Will I tell you why? There is a genuine seismic shift in how we eat. I would not have gotten that response two years ago on the show. A big batch of chocolate brownies smothered in salted caramel sauce may have had but not this. We are looking for delicious, creative, straightforward ways to eat better for ourselves. For our wellness. This dish is pasta with ricotta which, as I spoke about on the show, had 7g of saturated fat per 100g versus a typical cream sauce with 38g of saturated fat per 100g. It has kale but is cooked in the most delicious way to be vibrant, tender, and not overpowering. It has bijoux green lentils from a tin, so they are super convenient and a great way of getting a plant-based source of protein into your beautiful big bowl of delicious silky pasta. There is also butter, just FYI. This dish is the epitome of how I cook. I am honoured to see so many of you also want to cook like this. This recipe is based on wholesome ingredients. We are gradually bringing new foods like lentils and kale into our weekly repertoire, using local Irish produce like goat’s cheese, and then being brave enough to use an inexpensive, plant-based ingredient like the humble onion as the star of the show. The number of requests for this recipe was unreal. Now, sorry, what was I saying about the onions there… of yes… low and slow…. low and low…. 38 minutes is the perfect time for about 500g of onions in this recipe to get them jammy, sticky and beautifully caramelised. Perfection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.