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Smoked Bacon, Pea & Lemon Risotto

A Summer Stunner This risotto is the perfect summer comfort food, featuring the smoky richness of bacon, the freshness of peas, and the brightness of lemon zest. Not only is this recipe a crowd pleaser, beyond simple to make and super quick it is delicious but also nourishing. As home cooks “levelling up” what we cook at home is really important for our wellbeing. We need to have lots of little hacks to add more flavour without relying on sugar, salt and fat and we also have to create tasty but nutrient dense versions of our favourite dishes.  I just made a few small tweaks to this recipe. I removed the wine, we don’t need it in here. I added pops of vibrant and deep flavour with Dijon mustard ( and I even feel you could add more ), parmesan cheese and lemon zest. I use lemon zest only as I feel the juice is overpowering.  Using a chicken bone broth like the Sadie’s Kitchen one is a super upgrade to make this risotto more nourishing.  Another great little hack is to replace 100g of the arborio rice with wholegrain rice. You do loose a little of the creamy texture but you are gaining the addition of a wholegrain. The easiest way to up your fibre content with a recipe like this is to enjoy a moderate portion of the risotto and serve it with a side of steamed tender stem broccoli or a big bright rocket salad.  I hope you love this as much as I do.  Creamy, comforting and packed with flavour