The Winning Formula For A Winter Salad

As party season rocks around, I am here to keep you honest with some of my top tips for nourishing, sustaining and immune-boosting salads that taste great.

We tend to stop eating salads in winter for many reasons linked to our sensory preferences.In this episode of our Newstalk, You Are What You Eat, Kieran and I chat through what we can do to make salads more enjoyable and how to build a salad bowl by creating those perfect flavour combinations with some of my favourite winter salad top tips and recipes.

My How To Fool Proof Formula for the Perfect Salad 

You need: 

A Base – leaves and grains work best. Think whole grains, legumes  and leafy greens for ultimate nutrition. 

Vegetables & or fruit  –  at least 2 or 3 of varying colour and texture.

Cheese –  always cheese –  goats, brie, cheddar, halloumi…the list is endless.

Nuts  –  crunch and good fats… why would you not! 

Dressing  –  zingy, sharp, herby or creamy. There is a dressing for every mood.

Finishing herb – these add brightness and a lift to your salad 

Topper  –  nutritionally super and textural brilliant salad toppers are always a winner. 

I hope you love some of my delicious suggestions in the episode and that will be you feeling satisfied all winter long. 

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Winter Salads - You Are What You Eat

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