Food for Wellness
Cookery Demonstrations

Food-centric Culinary Workshops

We offer two options for our culinary workshops

Benefits for Your Workplace

Benefits of our culinary workshops include

  • Innovative Wellness Initiative
    A new and innovative wellness initiative to support your well-being strategy.​
  • Introduce Sustainability
    An incredibly practical way to introduce sustainability to your organisation.​
  • Connect with Colleagues
    Connect with your colleagues in a unique and sociable way through this fun, team-bonding event.​
  • Inspire to Cook & Eat Well
    Inspire your team to cook and eat well. Healthy home cooking equates to a healthy mind. Improving people’s diet quality can be a preventive strategy to halt or slow the rise of poor mental health, obesity, and other metabolic health disorders. This corporate offer removes all the barriers to healthy eating whilst placing greater emphasis on the value of healthy eating via delicious, quick and easy home-cooked meals, rich in fruit and vegetables all while avoiding ultra-processed convenience foods.​
  • Mindfulness Moments
    Experiential cooking allows for mindfulness moments along with boosting levels of self-confidence and self-satisfaction.​
  • Fun & Challenging
    Fun competitions and challenges are built in throughout.​
  • Key Focus
    Key focus on flexitarian diets, wellness, mindfulness and sustainability​