Mindful Based Wellness Coaching​

These wellness coaching clinics will consciously meet your people where they are on their wellness journey and guide them through practices that can positively impact their well-being.

Mindful Based Wellness Coaching

MBSR tools and strategies are utilised to tackle the foundational pillars of well-being, including nutrition and hydration, sleep, movement and mindset. Aisling and her team offer in-person onsite and virtual mindful-based wellness sessions. These clinics run for six weeks based on holistic, sustainable lifestyle changes aligned to value-driven goals creating greater life satisfaction and contentment.

  • Bespoke Plans
    Bespoke wellness plans and resources, and meal plans based on lifestyles are provided for each individual.
  • Behavioural & Attitudinal Change
    Metrics and data will be collected to ascertain behavioural and attitudinal change.
  • Engaged Workforce
    A workforce that has engaged with conscious and sustainable behavioural and lifestyle changes are associated with