WATCHING THE RUGBY… one of my favourite weekend pastimes. The thrill, the exhilaration, the joy… THE FOOD !! 

Here are some of my crowd pleasing winners that will become family staples of yours soon. 

 My Portuguese Bifana Blaa’s, Tarte Flambé, Korean Style Hot dogs, Truffle Fries. 

I think Kieran liked these. 

Listen back to our conversation on all things beetroot, for insights into its fascinating aspects and discover delicious recipes. 

Korean Inspired Hot Dogs

A sweet, savoury, and spicy snack
Check out this recipe
Korean Inspired Hotdog newstalk aisling larkin

Camembert & Blackberry Galette

Enjoy the rich creaminess of camembert cheese with the sweet-tart burst of blackberries, all enveloped in a flaky buttery crust
Check out this recipe
Camembert & Blackberry Galette aisling larkin
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