Wellness is so important: looking after your mind and body is key to being happy and healthy. But all the different aspects of wellness can add up to something bigger, known as wholeness.

What does ‘wholeness’ mean?

Wholeness is really just about feeling complete. It’s about feeling like you’re the version of yourself you want to be. That doesn’t mean fixing yourself or always being on a quest to make yourself a better person. It really just means accepting the unique combination of things that makes you, you.

Being who you’re really meant to be

Sometimes you might feel like you’re fighting to be like somebody else. You’re trying things over and over that just don’t feel easy to you. And while it can be good to push yourself and try new things, there’s also a real peace that comes from accepting the things that come naturally. Everybody is different and the things that some people find easy might be hard for you. But guess what? That works both ways. There are plenty of things that are part of your natural self that others could only dream of being.

Knowing who you are

The real key to being who you are, is stopping being who you aren’t. Stop trying to be like other people, and instead focus on the things that you know make you happy. Sure, this might include making some mistakes along the way – sometimes you have to try things to know that they’re not for you. But the important thing is once you realise that something doesn’t suit you, don’t feel bad or guilty about saying no to it.

Pay attention to your inner child

A big part of finding wholeness is understanding your ‘inner child’. It’s about identifying your needs that haven’t been met, and working on them in a way that your younger self would have wanted. So, when you’re struggling with something, ask yourself: “What do I need?”, and pay real attention to the answer. That way, you’ll be healing in the way that’s best for you and it’ll help you feel like you’re whole.

Only you can be you

Try to look at yourself as a whole: take stock of your beliefs, your talents and your traits, and know that they’re what make you the wonderful person you are. By doing that, you’ll realise you don’t need other people to tell you what or who to be. And you’ll see that everything you need to feel like the whole you is already there. 

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