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Aisling Larkin's Roast Honey & Tarragon Carrots

I firmly believe that festive sides are the unsung heroes of Christmas dinner. When done right, they bring elements of colour, flavour and texture to the table. They are a little opportunity to get creative and try something new or a chance to celebrate the old traditions. Either way don’t skim on the sides.

For us Christmas Day comes with no less than four types of potato on the table  –  the obligatory mash. this one always secured its place because well my grandad loved it the most and it was the one he could eat with ease. Roast potatoes because well, I mean is Christmas even Christmas without roast potatoes. My mom’s insane dauphinoise potatoes are my ultimate favourite. You will find me at the oven “just checking” on them, more times than is actually warranted along with then burning the tip of my tongue because I just cant wait long enough for them to cool down.  Why not try this  creamy, garlicky gratin potato dish yourself  this year. After that randomly we had croquettes. My youngest sister always had an penchant for them so, well they made an appearance. 

In this weeks episode of You Are What You Eat I chat with Emmett Oliver about these delicious recipes and some other interesting options you could try this year  such as a French Pomme Aligot. 

In addition to this we deep dive into the amazing array of simple sides that could feature on your festive table this year. 

Why not try these beautiful roast tarragon carrots with flaked almonds or some sprouts with crispy salami and hazelnuts or even some green beans wrapped in parma ham. 

Have a listen to this week’s segment and I hope you get some delicious festive inspiration and be sure to join us next week where we will be chatting all things festive cocktails and canapés.

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Festive Sides - You Are What You Eat

This week's podcast with Aisling Larkin and Emmet Oliver on the Hard Shoulder discusses all things festive sides
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