Luxe Porridge, Nourishing Treats & Utter Deliciousness

This week, I joined Damien in the studio to talk all things oats. We have the pleasure of chatting about everything from oats as a breakfast staple to a luxurious treat and a few nutrient dense and wholesome treats in between. We began with Damien tasting a my uber luxe creamy steel cut jumbo porridge oats, slow cooked with maple roast apples, Kilahora P’omo apple liqueur and a little drizzle of cream.


Aisling Larkin oat flapjacks

From here, we went to my absolute go-to, week on week favourite, made in minutes flapjacks. These are as perfect for elevenses as they as for the lunchboxes. These are made with local oats, real Irish grass fed butter, brown sugar, and my two secret ingredients sea salt and vanilla. Be sure to give them. go this week. 


Next up Damien had the pleasure of trying my overnight oats. These are a mid week saviour and all then humans in my house love these. For me the excitement come from these wonderful flavour combinations and the pairing of biscoff and raspberry in these overnight oats is stunning, Trendy and a little fancy to be fair. 

Creamy porridge with raspberries and biscoff aisling larkin

This is the Breakfast Boost product I was talking about oaths show. Great to sprinkle into the overnight oats or in with the granola or just on top of the warm, creamy porridge. 


High Satiety Granola is one of my ultimate favourite recipes. This is a weekly staple, and I adore it as breakfast with a little coconut yogurt and fresh berries, maybe even a dollop of chia berry jam. I also adore it as a mid afternoon snack and I am not even going to lie, I love it straight out of the jar with a spoon. It is DELICIOUS. 

Aisling Larkin better for you granola

What a great morning in studio. Heading out for a walk, doing a little housework, pop on the pop cat here and have a listen back. 

Until then, See you next week. 

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